Out There Festival, Great Yarmouth.
7 - 10 September 2012
Bog Standard Gallery will be featuring at the Out There Festival of International Street Arts & Circus Entertainment as it returns to the streets of Great Yarmouth for the fifth time. More information about the Out There Festival can be found here.

Artistsmeet at Watersmeet, Rickmansworth.
October 2011 - December 2012
Bog Standard Gallery is on display at the new contemporary art gallery space 'Artistsmeet' at Watersmeet, the theatre venue in Rickmansworth. More information about Artistsmeet can be found here.

Artside 2011, Southend-on-Sea.
1 July - 16 July 2011
Bog Standard Gallery is joining Artside in two weeks of art, including performance, interventions and events: inside shops, on the streets, on the pier and on the beach. More information about Artside can be found here.

Space2 Pop Up, Charter Place, Watford.
14 April - 13 May 2011
Watford Borough Council is working to create pop up art spaces in empty shops across the town... so Bog Standard Gallery has popped up in Watford! Great to have the BSG on the doorstep :) More details about the exhibition can be viewed here.

Fifty-Two Frames (Online).
January - December 2011
Fifty-Two Frames is a collaborative photography project, sharing one themed photo a week during 2011 forming an online photography exhibition. The participants and their imagery can be viewed here.

ATWB International Postcard Exchange.
November 2010 - April 2011
During this six month event, 350 art therapists and students from around the world will be sending one postcard of art to each of the people in their assigned group. On the back of the postcard art, participants will be writing about their work as an art therapist where they live. The postcards, along with more details about this project, can be viewed here.

Hurry Whilst Stocks Last, Hertfordshire.
June 2010
To mark the end of her two years of study on the Master of Art Therapy course at Hertfordshire University, Melanie showed her work ‘A Picture Says 1000 Words’ as part of the degree show 2010.
MECA (Malvern Exhibition of Contemporary Art), Worcestershire.
October 2009
Melanie was commissioned by MECA to produce a solo photography exhibition highlighting the difference between the toilet signs in Worcestershire, compared to those she has taken around the rest of the world.
The Sustainabilitree Show, London.
July 2009
Melanie curated The Sustainabilitree Show in conjunction with the creation of the Sustainabilitree she was commissioned to produce for Stanelco PLC. The Sustainabilitree Show was held at artsdepot, London. Melanie brought together a diverse range of Artists from the UK to form a group show highlighting the topical issue of sustainability.
Bog Standard Signs, London.
July 2008
The Toilet Gallery in Kingston-Upon-Thames was once a public toilet block. More recently becoming an art gallery, the space was used to host the solo exhibition of Melanie’s photographs from her ‘Bog Standard Signs’ series.
JNF & Keren Or Art Exhibition, Cheshire.
May 2008
Melanie exhibited ‘When Painting Goes Too Far’ as part of this group show raising funds for charity. Melanie was awarded a prize for most original exhibit.
Barnet Open, London.
May - June 2008
The Barnet Open is artsdepot's answer to the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition. The exhibition featured a variety of work from local artists including Melanie’s Bog Standard Gallery.
Catapult, Manchester.
Nov 2007 - March 2008
Catapult at Urbis in Manchester featured the strongest and most innovative works to emerge from 2007’s art graduates, and featured Melanie’s Bog Standard Gallery.
Manchester School of Art Degree Show
June 2007
To mark the end of her three years of study on the Interactive Arts degree course at the Manchester School of Art, Melanie showed her work ‘Bog Standard Gallery’ and ‘When Painting Goes Too Far’ as part of the degree show 2010.
JNF & Keren Or Art Exhibition, Cheshire.
May 2007
Melanie exhibited her ‘Bog Standard Gallery’ for the first time as part of the JNF and Keren Or Art Exhibition.
Robot Soap, Manchester.
January 2007
Melanie exhibited photographs from her series, ‘Bog Standard Rome’ which examined the array of fast food carts in the city.
Urbis Toilets, Manchester.
December 2007
Melanie exhibited photographs from her ‘Bog Standard Signs’ toilets of Urbis in Manchester.
Mundane, Nottingham.
November 2007
Melanie created an installation incorporating 120 photographs from her ‘Bog Standard Signs’ series as part of this exhibition at Victoria Court Interiors in Nottingham.
Link Gallery, Manchester.
January 2007
Melanie exhibited photographs from her series, ‘Bog Standard Israel’ which examined the difference between objects such as the phone box and bus stops, compared to those we have in the UK.
Triangle Shopping Centre, Manchester.
June 2006
Timed to coincide with the launch of the dramatic new Sky Bar at the Triangle Shopping Centre in Manchester, Melanie exhibited her Paper Bag Hats and Mug Tree inside the shopping centre and as a window display.
Manchester School of Art Degree Show.
June 2003
To mark the end of her year of study on the Art Foundation course, Melanie exhibited her work as part of the degree show at the Manchester School or Art.